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8:00 p.m., Auditorium Palais Beaux art, Lille

Program proposed by the National Studio of Contemporary and presented by François Bonenfant

"These are four crossed films, one could also say carried away, punctuated, by the presence of bodies."

Ici, là-bas et Lisboa by João Vieira Torres (18'-2012)
Experimental documentary, visual poem about the encounter with a city that you can not see but which is present through its sounds and thermal prints of the body -mapping of one of its inhabitants.J.M. Mondésir by

Alice Colomer (24'-2012)

A city with the look of an amphitheater, which is preparing to host a sacrifice. In 2002, Georges Mondésir, diesfurther to a police intervention. He is crazy, or simple-minded, facing the policeman, Mondésir is the Other. And what interests Alice Colomer is what is played again about an ancestral struggle in this duo. It is never a documentary about this death. This is the ballet, which only the camera has the freedom to escape from.

Viril by Damien Manivel (10'-2007)

Between modesty, surpassing and power games, seven men facing their manliness.

Matin de la Saint-Antoine by João Pedro Rodrigues

According to tradition, on June 13rd, the day of St. Anthony - patron saint of Lisbon, the lovers must offer pots of basil decorated with carnations and paper banners with popular quatrains as proof of their love. 

Contribution: 3 euros
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Auditorium, 18 street of Valmy, Lille

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Billeterie en ligne