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APéRO'DOC: "UBS, the American nightmare"


7:30 p.m.  Trait d'Union + theater
The Fort Mons-en-Baroeul
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APéRO'DOC: "UBS, the American nightmare"


How a bank is internationally recognized for its seriousness andprudence could she be dragged into the collapse of financial markets?

By focusing on this market, UBS also links its fate to two millionAmerican households who lose their
houses after the bursting of the housing bubble.
UBS, the world of asset management, is now facing anunprecedented crisis of confidence
like the big American investment banks also announced their lossesand
massive layoffs.
Investigation in the United States and accounts of those on WallStreet and the victims of financial crisis
try to understand how the UBS plunged into the doldrums in thespace of a few months.

Thanks to the Radio Télévision Suisse *

Switzerland - 2008 - 52 min - Betacam
Digital 16 / 9 PAL - Color
Directed by: Steven Artels
Author: Jean-Daniel Bohnenblust
Image: Jacques Mahrer
Son: Giovanni Del Gaudio
Montage: Patrick Guignet
Music: Lawrence Jespersen
Produced by: Swiss TV Romande / TV Radio Switzerland

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