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Continuation of the cycle started in February 2018 "Young, gifted and black" on the cinema of Haile Gerima and Charles Burnett.
For this new appointment, Heure Exquise! presents two films by Haile Gérima - Sankofa and Teza - and Charles Burnett's Warming by the Devil's fire

Haile Gerima is a senior figure in Washington where he has lived for decades in Addis where he is rightly considered the father of Ethiopian cinema or in Ouaga, the historical capital of African cinema. He defines himself as a "committed and independent filmmaker of the Third World".

Hailé Gerima
Ethiopie / Allemagne / France, 2008, coul., 140 mn, VOSTF

Set in 1970s Ethiopia, Teza (Morning Dew) tells the story of a young Ethiopian as he returns from West Germany a postgraduate. Anberber comes back to a country at the height of the Cold War and under the Marxist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam. Working in a health institution he witnesses a brutal murder and finds himself at odds with the revolutionary party running the country. He is ordered by the regime to take up a post in East Germany and uses this opportunity to escape to the West until the Berlin Wall falls and Ethiopia's military regime is overthrown.

Now aged 60, Anberber finally returns to his home village. Although he finds comfort from his ageing mother he feels alienated from those around him by his absence from home for so long and is disillusioned and haunted by his past.

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credit photo : Hailé Gerima

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