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performances audiovisuelles - art vidéo
20H00 - Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille (auditorium) - PAF : 3 euros

The "Live Cinema" is a term that emerged recently to describe the audiovisual perfomances in real time. Sound and visual artists collaborate at equal level, with a simultaneous creation emancipated from all linearity.

For this evening, Cedric Dupire and RKO, whose videos are distributed by Heure Exquise!, reinterpret their creations by "playing" them live.

The opportunity for the audience to discover another form of audiovisual expression, subjective, sensitive and spontaneous.



Voice: Mary Richeux - Pictures: Cedric Dupire- Music: The History of Color TV.

A movie that interrogates the memory in a living way, which questions the forgetting and the remembering with Perception as single tool.+ Screening of two videos of Cedric Dupire


Pictures and music: RKO (V-Atak, Paris)The signal processing performed depends on the pursued purpose. In particular, the notions of signal and noise are subjective, they depend on what interests the user.+ Screening of a selection of videos from the label V-ATAK 



CREDIT PHOTO : C.Dupire - Plus aucune mémoire vive

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