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Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille (auditorium)


After the resounding success of Heima, here is the second film by Sigur Rós, Inni, which already promises to be cult.


Screened in preview at the Venice Film Festival, Inni is a film gem, signed by Vincent Morisset.

The Quebec director Vincent Morisset (Miroir Noir on Arcade Fire) signs here an intimate work of a great artistic sensibility.

Interwining archives of the first 10 years of the band and pictures sometimes vaporous, sometimes brutally intense of the concerts, Inni shows convincingly one of the most influential and most acclaimed rock bands of the recent years.


SIGUR ROS is an Icelandic musical band created in Reykjavik in 1994. Their ethereal style, pushing the boundaries of post-rock, feeds on classical and minimalist musics but also on progressive rock.Without deviating from a demanding artistic line, the band was able to obtain and then maintain a great public success, reaffirming from disk to disk a very singular identity."Inni is the intimacy at the center of a huge stage. It is the abstraction of gestures and the amplification of sublime details. This is a tribute to the unique energy of Sigur Rós. Inni leaves room for all the wonderful images that come to mind when you listen to their music", explains the director Vincent Morisset.

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