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Sjöberg Noemi

born in 1978, SPAIN

media artist, visual artist, videographer, director

Noemi Sjöberg (1978) Noemi Sjöberg is Swedish, her mother is Spanish. Residency in France for 17 years and in Sweden 5 years. Since 2002 she has lived and worked in Barcelona: collaboration with Adolf Alcañiz (director of the video department at Metrònom Lab, Fundació Rafael Tous d’Art Contemporani), for filming and editing a series of DVD catalogues (for diverse organisms like Metrònom, Fundació Juan Miró... and for exhibitions of artists like Pere Noguera, Francesc Abad...) Since 2004, realisation of several workshops for students of Fine Arts like: (Beaux-Arts de Rennes (France), ECIB, School of Cinema (Barcelona, Spain), 9zeros, School of animation (Barcelona, Spain)... ) In 2002, she received the Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (D.N.S.E.P) at l’Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Aix en Provence with “les félicitations du jury”. Since 2001, realisation of 8 videos projected in several festivals like: (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka(Croatia), 54th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Germany), Festival de Arte Electrónico de Bogotá (Colombia), 4eme Festival du Cinéma Iranien en Exil (Paris, France), Video documentar & Festival Kassler (Germany), Biennale de Wro (Poland), Festival de Cinéma 2005 (Bangkok)... ) Since 2002, creation of 4 audiovisual installations: Entre deux, Leitmotiv, Verrückung and En Mouvement. Statement Since 2001 I started a video series of travel journals: New-York, Origen Desconocido, Al Quahira, Tokyo, Tehran, Stockholm Ryssviken, Mongolia. One led to the other, this work is a personal interpretation of places related to my research based on perception (relation of the real/unreal, visual and audio distortion, alteration of time and movement...). I tend to make a video on an idea, principally based on perceptive changes, and then follow with an installation. Since 2002 I have created 4 audiovisual installations: Entre deux, Leitmotiv, Verrückung and En Mouvement. In the video I show the spectator what I feel. Through the installation, I am interested that the spectator experiences the idea physically, up till now the installations have been made for one spectator at a time. The visitor is alone in the space and he is submerged in the installation. The installation exists through the presence of the spectator and it depends on him and his availability. The installations that I realize are sensorial. In 2007 I started another video series, portraits, with my most recent work : Abuela. souce:

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