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Cahen Robert

Cahen Robert

born in 1945, FRANCE

director, musician, videographer

French videomaker Robert Cahen was born in 1945 in France. He was a Pierre Schaeffer student.

Robert Cahen has since 1972 produced works for cinema and television.

His fictions and documents are metaphoric voyages or reveries through time, place, memory and perception.

Genres such as narrative and performance are expanded through visual, aural and temporal transformations of represented reality.

1995 permanent video installation at Euralille in Lille (France).

Since 1997 he has been exhibiting his video installations at different international events for contemporary art.

Most important films :
1983, Juste le temps - 1984/86, Cartes postales video (in cooperation with S.Huter and A.Longuet) - 1995, Boulez Repons - 1989, Hong Kong Song (in cooperation with Ermeline Le Mézo) - 1993, Voyage d’hiver - 1995, Sept vision fugitives - 1997 Corps fottants - 1998, Compositeurs l’écoute - 2001, Canton la Chinoise - 2003, L’Etreinte.


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