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Video art had its boom in France, in the 1980s. This expansion is felt in three major sectors of the French videographic activity, i.e. the production of tapes (at the time the videos were saved on magnetic tapes), the creation of installations and the presentation of video performances. However, this is the production of tapes that seems to attract the largest number of artists.

Who are they? Where do they come from? Either they used the video only during a period or have dedicated their lives to it, in connection or not with other research – performance, painting, music or semiotics - they have, by their work, brought the experimentation fields of the electronic image a step further.
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de BARBIER Dominik

FRANCE, 1986, 00:04:30

Production : CAC de St-BRIEUC, OGRAAL, WILD Rose
Genre : Clip
Mots-clés : Rock'n'roll music, Performance

Résumé :
The song is by Bernard SZAJNER, the symmetrical and hypnotical images are by Dominik BARBIER. The originality of this monochromatic and fluid video is in its writing and its conception.

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