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of ROMBOUT Rob, VAN ECK Rogier

BELGIUM, 1996, 00:40:00

Genre : Documentary, Creative documentary
Keyword : History, Society, Travel, geography

Summary :
Rob ROMBOUT and Rogier VAN ECK decided to return to their roots, Amsterdam, via two homonymous islands near the northern and southern extremities of the world. Four centuries later, they followed the tracks of two famous 16th-century Dutch navigators, Willem BARENTSZ and Cornelis VAN HOUTMAN, who left from Amsterdam to open the way to these islands. The two filmmakers' cinematographic expedition is of a totally different nature, but their uncertainties measure up with the temerity of those adventurers from a remote era. What emerges from this road-movie marked by series of encounters is a portrait of Amsterdam in the form of a triptych. From the city to the islands, the film sketches a new geography of Amsterdam that binds the space of the voyage to the reality of the three places. This 40' version is the first part of a 90' feathure-length documentary project. Produced by its co-authors, it narrates their odyssey from Amsterdam to the northern island in the Spitsbergen, and from the island back to Amsterdam, through a visual process of relentless comings and goings : Amsterdam via Amsterdam…

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Original language : dutch, french
Original format : video
Aspect ratio : 16/9
Chroma : Couleur
Available version(s) : Version originale française Version néerlandaise sous-titrée en français

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