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of GEOFFROY Christiane

FRANCE, 2015, 00:07:00

Production : GEOFFROY Christiane
Genre : Video art
Keyword : Images, Animals, Poetry

Summary :
Angel shark
I have chosen the angel sharks as the poetic emblem of the struggle against the acidification of the oceans. The angel sharks (scientific name: Clione limacina) measure only a few centimeters. They have a transparent body, except the digestive system which is red-orange. They live in deep waters, under the Arctic pack ice. Derive with currents. These animals with fragile appearance move in the water 'flying'. They are of great beauty and delicate elegance. Their way of life is enigmatic. They can stay almost a year without absorbing food. The immature Cliones and their main source of food, the Limacinas helicinas, are directly affected by the acidification of the oceans. Due to high CO2 levels, the pH of the water changes and prevents limestone from settling. The shells of the animals become soft, thus weakening their growth and their life.

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