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After studying art and film , Xavier Ameller showcases short fiction : "What I saw" , "like a fairy", "A Shadow" , winning the festival of Digne- les-Bains and Lorquin and set music by Pascale Le Berre , former Marc Seberg.

He makes art videos for the company Von Magnet and the German label Ant -Zen . Following his work with the electro-industrial scene Xavier realizes the anthropomorphic Square Invaders and The Awakening when it comes to voodoo trance .
His work questions the magic from our beings , often linked to a disruption of the senses resulting in a heightened perception of reality.
He works in contemporary art with documentaries on Wim Delvoye and Farrell brothers. His last film was exposed Deserter in Los Angeles this summer alongside works by Sophie Calle and Jean Cocteau.
What does not exist is his next project, a transmedia fiction mysticism daily integrating real testimonials.

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