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Tuesday, March 29 -8:00 p.m.  - Auditorium Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille

We Don’t Care About Music Anyway… by Cedric Dupire and Gaspard Kuentz

With Sakamoto Hiromichi, Otomo Yoshihide, Fuyuki Yamakawa, L? K?O, Numb, Saidrum, Takehisa Ken, Shimazaki Tomoko. [France / Japan - 2009 - 1h15]

The radical turntablism (Otomo Yoshihide, L? K? O) Innovation Computer Music (Numb), in  through bold instrumental (Sakamoto Hiromichi), the current music scene in Tokyo is an avant-garde that nobody can ignore.
While presenting major players in this scene,
We Don’t Care About Music Anyway… ... offers a kaleidoscopic view of Tokyo, comparing music and noise, sounds and images, representation and reality, fiction and nonfiction.
L? K? O - "Man of a Thousand Needles"

DJ "turntablist" born in 1974 in Tokyo, L?K?O is the iconoclast par excellence. Hip-hop, he borrows techniques involving scratching and physical body. In Otomo Yoshihide and Christian Marclay, daring improvisation and collage.
All applied to its collection of records and records of all kinds.
His personal technique is procreation mutant hip-hop deejaying with the radical design of the experimental turntable who do not hesitate to submit them to the rotation without platinum disc or magnetic fields ...

For this evening, L? K? O give us an experience to direct sound.


With support from the Japan Foundation, under the program Performing Arts Japan for Europe

Support by ANA All Nippon Airways and Nova - le grand mix


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