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Barron Stephan

Barron Stephan

born in 1961

media artist, teacher, theorist, videographer, director

Born February 23, 1961 in Caen. Stéphan Barron is a contemporary artist and teacher researcher at the University Paul Valery, Montpellier III. Stéphan Barron since 1984 has created many works he has theorized in both terms of art and global Technoromanticism. The Technoromanticism, he created neologism, theorizes the links between art and new technologies in the context of the threats posed by techno and economic development on nature. The global art is an art form that takes the Earth in its global dimensions as support for artistic creation. Technoromanticism founder of the movement, it is one of the first French artists to have devoted his work to new technologies. Active in France and abroad, he received a scholarship from the Villa Medici in 1996 for ozone, a global sound installation exhibited at the Biennale of Adelaide. Ozone is one of the first works of art using the Internet. Artist-theorist, he wrote numerous essays on new developments in contemporary art. His background in the theory and practice of media art and contemporary art, also has a dimension beyond the scope of art in addressing philosophical issues, political and spiritual. The Technoromanticism forges relationships between art, technology and ecology, are fundamental issues that the twenty-first century. "His work is based on research on perceptual and the imaginary distance. In this research, he "made since 1985 twenty works of art using telecommunications technologies.

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