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Zulian Claudio

Zulian Claudio

born in 1960

director, videographer, media artist

Claudio Zulian was born in Campodarsego, Italy, and lives in Barcelona. He studied Music at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu in Barcelona, and gained the Doctorate degree with the work on Aesthetics, Science and Technology in Art, at the University of Paris-Saint-Denis. He is the author of several Documentary Films, to mention only few, Just Like Paradise, The Shinfting City, The Future, Scenes of Raval, Dan Graham. Also made some feature films, to mention Beatriz / Barcelona and Strange Looks. He is also the author of about thirty video-installations and exhibitions in Spain and France. Participated at over 30 Festivals and won numerous Awards and Recognitions. The Winner of the Second Award and the Crystal Projector at the 8th Mediterranean Film Festival in 2007.


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