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Boustani Christian

Boustani Christian

born in 1959

director, teacher

Christian Boustani was born in 1959 in Beirut (Lebanon). After one first film production about a comic stips' author, "Jean Telé, alchimiste de l'image" (1983), he develops an interest in the relation between painting and video, which will then always be present in his work. With "Figures" (1986), he explores the pictorial universe of a plastic designer. Then, he makes "Esquisses" (1988), about some painters' recurrent themes. His first personal installation "Triptyque de Bruges" (1990), presented at the Wallonia-Brussels Center (Paris) and at the Centre Culturel de Cavaillon, allows him to stick to his approach. "It is a work on walls' memories which, lain on the pictures of Bruges, recreate a pictorial material close to the great Flemish painters' palettes. It also is a analysis of the perception of this city's settings, its surreal aspect". This film will lead him to to the production of a trilogy "Cités Antérieures", the first part being dedicated to the ctity of Siena (1992), the second one to Bruges (1995). His is currently working on the last part that will be about "Toledo". Christian Boustani his dedicated to both his personal projects and ordered productions, like "A Viagrem", film made for the Pavilion of Portugal for the International Exhibition in 1998 (Lisbon).

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