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Boutet Antoine

Boutet Antoine

born in 1968

producer, director

Born July 4, 1968. Lives and works in Paris and in the Gironde.

Antoine Boutet studied visual arts and participated in many exhibitions over the past fifteen years. His recent films include the documentary "Zone of Initial Dilution" (awarded to: Goias Environment Film Festival Brasil 2008; Iran Documentary Film Festival 2007; DaKino Film Festival 2007 Tampere Short Film 2007; Screens Documentary 2006; Traces Lives 2006 ...) and "Conservation Conversation"and the experimental video "Utopia" and "Plus ou Moins".

In 2010 Antoine Boutet realize the full country, a documentary about a man living outside of contemporary society.

Antoine Boutet currently developing a feature length documentary film in China, "South North Water Drop ", produced by Les Films du Present.

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