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Schokking Jacob F.

born in 1956

videographer, director-en-scene, media artist, teacher, director, artistic director, producer

Jacob F. Schokking is a producer and set designer. Artistic director of Holland House
Jacob F. Schokkings work is above all characterised by the use of highly advanced electronic image technique which, when integrated with music, text and stage-action, makes the best use of the possibilities the opera genre offers as to synchronicity and intensity. Schokkings background as a visual artist has made it possible for him to be the originator, stage designer and -director of productions which have become milestones in opera and theater, amongst them the operas Nuit des Hommes, Manifest, and Stalingrad, and the play Psycosis. June 2004 Holland House presented in collaboration with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR the opera 'Neither' under the artistic direction of Schokking.


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