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Cohen Steven

Cohen Steven

born in 1962

visual artist, performer, choreograph, dancer, videographer, director, designer

“Steven Cohen is a pioneering Johannesburg artist whose work provocatively confronts issues of identity. Best known for his performances, Cohen appears not only on stage and in galleries but also, uninvited, in public spaces. As a homosexual Jewish man, he deals with otherness and outsider identity, using his own and others’ bodies to create “living art” thet references sculpture, contemporary dance, drag and performance art. These glamorous yet monstruous figures rise “from Lake Subconscious” to confront society with those elements of itself that it has historically marginalized and censored. His strenuous and often controversial performances explore inability and shame, yet celebrate the complex hybridity of identity.”*

Choreographer and dancer, Elu began the ballet dancing at eleven years old, then discovers contemporary dance with Sonnye Mayo and later with Robyn Orlin. Since 1997, all its work develops at the side of his lover, Steven Cohen.

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