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of CORSINO Nicole et Norbert

FRANCE, 1996, 00:23:47

Genre : Video art, Video dance
Keyword : Asia, Body, Dance, Landscape, Poetry, Travel

Summary :
From the first reckonings in North Vietnam, it became obvious to us that the film had to be neither exotic nor a historical documentary. The ideas of landscape and body stand out as necessary for two reasons. First, the movement of bodies in city streets of or on the roads establishes a certain fluidity as they cross the frame : the important thing is not to stop. The frailty of the bodies displayed makes them dodge each other. These urban dynamics refer to global data on "the act of doing". Everywhere, the slightest object becomes a tool and fulfils everyone's will to find a way of living. Some gestures belong to an ancient or contemporary repertory, others are devised for the occasion. All this flow of gestures evokes an underwater perception that is inscribed as a reason on the Vietnamese territory. "All Eastern Asia is covered by a web of vital threads, whether the thread runs from a garden to an image, or from a poem to a landscape. Those threads are the things to be schematically grasped, instead of the common contents of the environment, because they allow us to capture the nature of the landscape." (Augustin BERQUE). Second, this nature of the landscape forms a backwards look, a reverse shot, whether calm and fixed or linear, in which the inhabitants of these watery or earthly places stand like miniatures, like the characters of an imaginary scene. The map here is drawn up by the off-screen movements, it refers to some sort of a landscape physiology that engenders an attempt at harmony between the relief and the arrangement of human creations. Thus, the reason and physiology of landscape liven each other up and counterbalance each other like the two rudimentary baskets of a palanquin led by the steps. Music by Jacques DIENNET.

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Original language : _wordless
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Aspect ratio : 4/3
Chroma : Couleur

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