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of CLERMONT Albert

FRANCE, 2007, 00:45:00

Production : Avec le soutien de l'Atelier Vidéo Art Plastique, CLERMONT Albert, CRRAV (Région Nord/Pas-de-Calais)
Genre : Creative documentary, Portrait
Keyword : Africa, Interview, Portrait, Testimony

Summary :
Interviews with Abdoulaye Konaté

The interviews have been shot during two meetings at Bamako : on august the 20th and the 28th, 2006. The word is discreet, precise, effective : without provocation. Abdoulaye Konaté evokes his artistic route : from Diré, up to the direction of the “Conservatoire des Arts et métiers multimedia” (Academy of Arts and multimedia works) of Bamako. The word, and the artistic creation as well, are drawing deep in the african culture. The plastic vocabulary is feed by the malian social practices. So, the artwork is revealing its weight, its sense, to all of us.

At the Mali, in summer 2002, I started to carry out portraits : artists, gallery managers, art students… I realized that a form should be found to the words I was hearing over there. These words had been stolen, deviated, caricatured… this way reproducing behaviours of authority and submission of which we know well the negative extensions. A fix shot and a minimal sound recording, with a mike and a sober editing. This is derisory, but, actually, the essential is there. I am convinced I have took the right decision. This constraint became a positive asset.

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