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of FATMI Mounir

FRANCE, 2013, 00:05:00

Production : FATMI Mounir
Genre : Video art
Keyword : Allegory, action art

Summary :

Excerpt from Mounir Fatmi in London, The Limits of History, in ArtsHebdoMedias, May 8th, 2013.
(original article in French)

The video History is Not Mine, is a direct response to the Printemps de Septembre in Toulouse last year, which was entitled The History is mine. On this occasion, Technologia, an installation by Mounir Fatmi mixing Koranic verses with elements inspired Rotoreliefs Marcel Duchamp had been withdrawn by the organization due to incidents caused by some passersby. This event marked the artist and created awareness as a "big disappointment."

History is Not Mine comes from the disillusioned. First proposed have in London, this video installation black and white features a character trying to typing the title using hammers. Only the ribbon is red, suggesting that the text appears in letters of blood, in a collision of "the beauty of the sentence to write with violence and the difficulty of achieving it. "

Charles Dannaud, May 8th, 2013

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Original language : _wordless
Original format : HD Video
Aspect ratio : 16/9
Chroma : Couleur - Noir&Blanc
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