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of FATMI Mounir

FRANCE, 2015-2016, 00:17:40

Production : FATMI Mounir
Genre : Video art
Keyword : Art, Painting, Society

Summary :
Nada. Nothing. A corpse is saying it, it came back to tell us, it came back especially for that. There is nothing. After death, there is only death. No judgment to sanction our existences. There is just us, humans.

NADA, really? Is Mounir Fatmi a nihilist? On the contrary. Inspired by Goya’s Disasters of War, and particularly by Nada (print #69) that lends the film its title and suggests there is nothing – nothing after death, that is – Nada (the film by Mounir Fatmi, 2015-2016) is anything but nihilistic. It celebrates being much more than nothingness. Nothing after death? Everything while we are alive. Mounir Fatmi is actually an existentialist. He shows us life and death together, with a sort of Nietzschean delectation, devoid of any nihilism: the artist enjoys using all types of images, whether they are hidden or put on display, from museums and from archives, from films by others and from his own cerebral image bank, war footage, in particular from World War II, masterpieces by Goya, bulls in the arena, a woman’s sex – an anonymous photo bought at a flea market in Paris – manuscripts that are lost in the wind and in flames… All these images, Fatmi assembles them, mixes them, makes them appear, disappear and reappear right in front of us like a magician of montage. NADA? Todo. Death, violence, sex and the beauty of women. Some would even say: demasiado

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Original language : _wordless
Original format : HD Video
Aspect ratio : HD – 1920X1080
Chroma : Couleur - Noir&Blanc
Available version(s) : Sans paroles

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