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FRANCE, 2020, 00:42:00

Production : Equipe Monac 1, Avec les soutien de l'association des ami.e.s. de Martha Desrumaux
Genre : Documentary
Keyword : Testimony, War, History

Summary :
Robert Rosenberg tells us about the tragedy and horror experienced during the Second World War. Captured by the Nazis with his mother, father, sister and brother, he spends fourteen months in the death camps&hellip;<br />Following the testimony of his sister Lili in 2018, with the film Lili Debout, Robert Rosenberg ended up agreeing to bring his testimony too, overcoming the suffering that such an ordeal inflicts on him and the memories it revives, but considering as essential the duty of memory.<br /><br />Like the testimony of Lili Debout, this film is constructed in the most spare way possible, for the sake of proximity, facing the camera, without illustration images.

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