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Bourget Laëtitia

Bourget Laëtitia

born in 1976

visual artist, director

Laetitia Bourget lives and works in Paris, Bordeaux and La Rochelle (France). Her plastic work shows the concept of activity. It leads to different forms of production: video, photography, edition, installation, intervention, sculpture, painting ... Her activities are developped especially around body and existence issues (the body's integrity, body's frailty and materiality, otherness, being alive, expecting one's own death ...) and also from special social contexts (exhibition-making, firms, urban contexts, public places ...).
1998 : "Construire sa maison",
"L'hygiène corporelle",
"Manipuler son corps"
1999 : "Recyclage"
2000 : "Au travail" (...)
2001 : "7121 images du sexe d'un autre",
"Coquillages et crustacés"
2003 : "La bagarre"
2004 : "Le jour s'est levé"
1999-2006 : "Se faire des amis" http//

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